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Welcome to your new property: next steps

Updated: Jan 26

So you've purchased your new home whats next?

Connect all your utilities prior to moving in day. Ita a good idea to do this at least a week before.

A quick link to do this - https://au.tili.io/brett-coombs

Secure your home. Review all locks on doors and windows. Some people change all of these for added security. You may want to install security cameras for peace of mind.

Make sure you have adequate building and contents insurance coverage. You may have gotten a quick cover note when you signed the contract, so its a good idea to review the cost of building replacement and your contents. Walk around the house, take photos and add everything up - room to room. You will get a shock.

Check smoke alarms are working and add a new one. Its a great idea to purchase the new 10-Year Lithium units. on $39 at bunnings.

Its also a good idea to have a small fire extinguisher handy either in the kitchen or laundry.

Use your property inspection report for a list of maintenance that needs to be scheduled. This is a great idea and often will save you money of costly repairs.

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